Thales Communications, a leading company that specializes in manufacturing tactical communications equipment, recently unveiled its next-generation Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio MBITR2 — an enhancement of its small, lightweight, power-efficient multi-band tactical handheld radio line.

In a company statement, Thales Communications noted, “By leveraging technologies based on the leading narrowband AN/PRC-154 tactical handheld radio, the MBITR2 provides the dismounted warfighter with the ability to integrate into the wideband tactical IP and voice network via the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) wideband channel, while simultaneously maintaining legacy reach-back via the narrowband channel.”

The MBITR will retain its interoperability with existing fielded radios and cater’s to tomorrow’s requirements for a next generation, wideband, networking handheld radio.

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