Blue Sky Network, a world-leading provider of satellite tracking and communication solutions for aviation, land and marine, and its reseller partner S4A, have been awarded a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Blue Sky’s voice system on a C-212-200 Airbus Military aircraft.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) was the one who provided the certification. The agency specifically certifies deployment of Kit 2 — Blue Sky Network’s value-added aviation satellite phone system.

The aviation products built by Blue Sky Network are based on tracking solutions and voice communication over the Iridium satellite network. The Kit 2 provides an FAA-certified integrated single channel antenna and cable which can be connected with the Iridium Extreme satellite phone or the Iridium 9555, both of which can be plugged into the antenna outlet for use inside the aircraft.

In a statement, S4A CEO Francisco Guerrero said, “Receiving this STC from EASA reaffirms our reasoning for partnering with Blue Sky Network. Their fleet management solutions have proven to be reliable and offer advanced global voice and data communication to our customers. We are pleased with this partnership and excited to offer Blue Sky Network’s certified products on C-212-200 Airbus Military aircraft.”

“We have made significant progress in Europe thanks to our great partnership with S4A. With this STC, we further strengthen our position in being the leader in communication solutions worldwide,” Jon Gilbert, CEO and founder of Blue Sky Network said. “We look forward to the opportunity that lies ahead for Blue Sky Network’s certified solutions to be installed on C-212-200 Airbus Military aircraft across the globe.”

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